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No Credit Needed

    How It Works

  • Apply in the privacy of your own home or in-store
  • Credit Bureau Scores Don't Matter
  • 90 day early payoff option
  • Make low payments over 1 year
  • Instant Approvals up to $2,500
  • Short Application
  • It's a Lease-Purchase plan with automatic ownership after paying all amounts due
  • No up front fees and No Risk to Apply
  • Apply today!

    After You're Approved

  • Visit Any Lane Music Store to select gear you want to take home
  • Make a low initial payment on a credit or debit card
  • Future payments are automatically drafted from your checking account, on your payday

    What's Needed to Apply

  • Checking account, including numbers on bottom of check
  • Debit or Credit card for first payment only
  • Monthly income of $1,000 or more